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S-Glow Lose Hair Dry Hair Oryza Polyamine High Collagen Lemon Peach
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  • High Collagen content
  • Oryza Polyamine
  • L-Cysteine
  • Ascorbic Acid
  • Lynside Forte B
  • Anti UV Radiation

S-GLOW is enriched with patented ingredients that are multifold in functions. For instance, Lynside® Forte B from France is a functional yeast enriched in vitamins to achieve the B complex formula of 8 essential B vitamins which can help to improve the condition of our skin. The wide range of Vitamin B complex namely Vitamin B5 to help promote skin wounds healing, Vitamin B3 that helps improve skin condition, and Vitamin B12 that helps control skin pigment to make it fairer. On top of that, the ingredient can do magic on our nails to stimulate new nail cells to grow. S-GLOW also contains biotin, also known as Vitamin H, which contributes to the health of our hair.



  • High Collagen content - Collagen content in S-GLOW works perfectly practical to maintain the well-being of skin, hair, and nails. The collagen can help increase hair elasticity and thickness while at the same time preventing hair loss and thinning. As collagen is prerequisite to preserving good skin condition, it can help maintain skin elasticity and moisture thus preventing the approaching of wrinkle. Also, not many of us know the essence of collagen to maintain the strength of nails which prevents brittle nails.
  • Oryza Polyamine - S-GLOW is further loaded with Oryza Polyamine, a patented ingredient from Japan that is extracted from rice germ to promote hair growth and shiny hair. Its molecular weight is below 250 which means it has higher body absorption rate, distributed and utilised by the body efficiently. Meanwhile, L-cysteine in S-GLOW can turn your skin to become glowing-angelic as it is precursor of glutathione. It helps reduce skin melanin index, thereby reducing skin pigmentation to make one’s skin fairer.
  • Vitamin C - The other functional ingredient selected to be part of S-GLOW are Vitamin C which possesses synergistic effects. Vitamin C and collagen complement each other. If the amount of Vitamin C is insufficient, our body will not be able to form or even store collagen. This is why Vitamin C is a mandatory co-factor for collagen synthesis as it assists in holding cells together during the formation of collagen. Eventually, it can help our body synthesise collagen leading to healthy nails, hair, skin and other bodily benefits.


Direction of Use:

  • Take 2 tablets per day after meals



  • 1 x S-Glow 60 tablets/bottle


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  • 1 x S-Glow 60 tablets/bottle